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Call for new IRG proposals

On 5 July, 2013.

To All EASTS Regular Members,

On behalf of the Board of EASTS, I really appreciate your continuing contribution to EASTS and also very glad to announce that many International Research Groups (IRG) of EASTS are actively conducting cooperative researches.

Today, I'm pleased to call for new proposal of IRG of EASTS. As you know well, the proposal for organizing new IRG is accepted in time with annual EASTS Board Meeting. The Board of EASTS is supposed to review and approve the application of new IRG submitted by the EASTS regular member.

I would like to remind you that IRG is going to activate international cooperative researches among the EASTS regular members and also to expand and strengthen the networking among the members. For that purpose, IRG is must be organized by the EASTS regular members who are belonged to at least two EASTS domestic societies. That is, the appropriateness of member composition of proposed IRG will be especially reviewed by the Board of EASTS.

If you are interested in starting new IRG, please complete gApplication Form of EASTS IRGh (DOC, 39kb) and send it to the following e-mail address:


Application deadline is Aug. 16th, 2013. The submitted application will be reviewed at the next EASTS board meeting to be held in September, 2013 at Taipei.

Information about IRG and procedure for establishing IRG is described on the EASTS website:


Meanwhile, I realize that it is not easy to assemble the appropriate research members at the proposal preparation stage. To reduce this difficulty in member recruitment, the secretariat of EASTS is going to support for recruiting research members. Further information about this support is described in the section of gSupport for member recruitmenth on the EASTS website. When you utilize this support, please complete gPreliminary proposal form for Member Recruitmenth (DOC, 39kb) and send it to the following e-mail address: m-irg[at]easts.info by July, 26th, 2013. The secretariat of EASTS will disseminates the information about the member recruitment to the EASTS regular members and other interested persons by e-mail and announcement on the EASTS website.

I sincerely hope that your proposal for new IRG would be approved by the Board of EASTS and if approved, your IRG will be a great success.

With best regards,
Tetsuo YAI
Secretary-General, EASTS

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