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Highlights of EASTS Board Meeting 2012

  • Date: October 15, 2012 at 9:00-17:30
  • Venue: Caesar Park Hotel, Taipei, TAIWAN


Attendance and Board of Directors

  • 17 board members were attended.
  • Mr. Hsin-li Chang, a member of upcoming conference hosting Chinese Institute of Transportation was nominated as the 2nd vice-president. Mr. Seung-Young Kho was serving this position previously.
  • Mr. Gyeng-Chul Kim, a member of Korea Transport Institute was nominated as the treasurer. Mr. Kee-Yeon Hwang was serving this position previously.

IRG (International Research Group)

  • New IRG application was adopted.
  • Three new IRGs were approved and one IRG was approved with condition.

ISC (International Scientific Committee)

  • The papers presented in Jeju conference 2011 have been published in the following publications. 427 papers were included in conference proceeding CD, and 156 papers (26.0% of original submissions; 599 papers) were published in the Journal of EASTS. 29 papers (4.8% of original submissions) were included in Asian Transport Studies.
  • One hundred members of ISC were appointed for upcoming Taipei conference. 600 papers are expected in this conference.

Conference Preparation

  • Chinese Institute of Transportation has commenced preparation for 10th conference. It will be held on September 9-12, 2013 at International Convention Center (ICC) in Taipei. The theme of the upcoming conference is "Towards a Harmonized Transportation Society".

Financial matters

  • Korea Transport Institute and Chinese Institute of Transportation promised to support the finance of the EASTS. A large subsidy will be provided to conference participant and the amount is expected about 6,688,000 JPY.
  • Chinese Institute of Transportation has supported some fraction of total cost of this board meeting.

Outstanding Transportation Project Award


Outstanding Presentation Award

  • The award selection for upcoming Taipei EASTS conference has been finalized. Six best oral presentations and three best posters will be awarded among the presenters less than 30 years old.

EASTS Senior Meeting
  • "EASTS Senior Meeting" will be held during the next conference. Former board members, transportation engineers /planners /researchers are expected to participate. The purpose of this meeting is to promote contribution to management of EASTS activities by researchers from several generations.

Results from EASTS Survey

  • The result of the online survey was presented in this board meeting. The survey was conducted in August 2012 and 176 EASTS respectable members kindly responded the survey.

This report was prepared by Prof. Shintaro TERABE (EASTS Secretariat) with support of Prof. Shinya HANAOKA (EASTS Secretariat), Mr. Rubel Das (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Dr. Naoyuki Tomari (EASTS Secretariat).

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