Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies

Vol.3 Issue No.3
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Modeling the Optimal Mode Split for Freight Transportation in Taiwan Area - From the Viewpoint of Modal Shift Wen-Chih HUANG, Sheng-Chieh WU, Wen-Guu HUANG and Kuo-Liang LEE 1
Sustainable Environment and More Efficient Transport Management in Vientiane, Capital City of Laos Khammoune BOUAPHANH 17
Highway Waste Disposal: An Application of Geographical Information Systems Techniques for Determining an Optimal Set of Locations for In-Transit Livestock Truck Effluent Disposal Facilities in the South Island of New Zealand Christopher KISSLING, Dean ASHBY and Jean-Paul THULL 27
A Prediction System for Road Traffic Noise and Its Application Zhengkai LIU and Shinichiro TAKEMATSU 37
Relationship of Traffic Flow Characteristics and Roadside Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) Emissions in Metro Manila Jolly Vir O. BENITEZ and Karl N. VERGEL 45
Vibration Effects of Light-Rail Train-Viaduct System on Surrounding Environments He XIA and Nan ZHANG 57
Rider Behaviors and Motorcycle Safety in Indonesia Case: Yogyakarta Heru SUTOMO and Eliza Purnamasari POEI 67
Application of the Fuzzy Reasoning Theory to the Traffic Conflict Technique at Intersections Soo Beom LEE, Won Chul KIM and Bong Soo SON 77
A Study of Measuring the Effectiveness for Road Safety Feature Improvements Soo Beom LEE and Bong Soo SON 87
Traffic Safety Condition in Indonesia: How Far are the Data Reliable? Tri TJAHJONO and Ellen S.W. TANGKUDUNG 97
The Relationship Between the Working Pressure and Accident Risks for Aggregate-Hauling Vehicle Drivers in Taiwan Hsin-Li CHANG and Chun-Chih YEH 109
Physiological Response Analysis to Assess Driver's Work Load For Highway Safety Ju-Young KIM, Jae-Beom PARK, Bong-Jo CHUNG and Myungsoon CHANG 121
Traffic Violation Fine Imposition Guideline by the Severity and the Number of Total/Fatal Accidents Myungsoon CHANG, Taekyung LEE, Yunpyo OH, Kwanghoon LEE and Ji-youn YEON 129
Accident Reconstruction Case Analysis of Centerline Crossing Accident Jangseok YOO, Myungsoon CHANG, Jonghyuk KIM, Kwanjung KIM, and Jihyun PARK 139
Managing Hazardous Locations on Thai Highways Network Weeradej CHEEWAPATTANANUWONG, Pichai TANEERANANON, Arun DIEWPANICH, Yada PRAPONGSENA and Issaranee SAENGPHETCH 149
A Study of the Trend Analysis in Road Traffic Accident Rates in Korea Hyeok-ku KWON and Kyungwoo KANG 159
Canonical Correlation Analysis between Road Environmental Conditions and Traffic Accident Severity So Young SOHN and Hyung Won SHIN 173
Analysis of Traffic Accidents and Urgent Countermeasures in Vietnam Pham Truong THANG 185
Road Safety in Lao PDR Ratanamany KHOUNYVONG 191
Ascertaining the Appropriateness of Establishing a Road Fund in Indonesia Suyono DIKUN 203
GIS-Based Program for Accessibility Modelling Joseph Kwame AFFUM 219
An Approach for Transition Probability Model of Urban Land Use Based on the Change of Land Use Patterns and the Separation of Large-Scale Projects/ Non-Projects Areas Taihyun LEE, Takeshi CHISHAKI, Yoshitaka KAJITA and Wataru WATANABE 235
Transport Accessibility and Deforestation: Empirical Evidence from the Klang-Langat Watershed Study Nor Ghani MD. NOR, Asmah AHMAD, Syarifah Masturah SYED ABDULLAH and Khalil MD. NOR 249
A Study on Urban Development Trend and the Suburbanization Using the Geographical Information System in a Local City Nao SUGIKI, Naojiro AOSHIMA, Koichi SHIMA and Kouji FURUSAWA 257
Impacts of the Industrial Distribution to the Distribution of Population and Traffic Performance in Surabaya-Indonesia Elly Adriani SINAGA 271
Comprehensive Assessment of Land-Use for Railway Construction Zhiyong MENG, Feng CHEN and Shuyu KAN 287
The Privatization Effect on the Stock Returns: In Case of Taiwan Shipping Firms Kee-Kuo CHEN and Shu-Chen LIN 299
Optimal Toll Collection Strategies for Inter-City Route: A Case Study of New Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway and Bangna - Chonburi Elevated Expressway Pannapa HERABAT and Apiphan NAEWPHANASSAWA 307
Evaluation and Analysis of Urban Transportation Efficiency in China Hong YUAN and Huapu LU 323
A Study to Evaluate Social Benefit from Alternative Routes in the Shinkansen Network for Each Region Hitoshi ASAMI 333
Australian Road and Highway Asset Model Lal C. WADHWA and Malia N. DAVIDSON 345
Optimal Transportation Infrastructure Investment Timing with Uncertainty Surachet PRAVINVONGVUTH and Dongjoo PARK 361
A Case Study on Post-Evaluation Analysis of the International Official Development Assistance in the Field of Transportation - Post-Evaluation Analysis of Mactan (Cebu) International Airport Development Project in the Philippines - Tetsuo YAI, Naota IKEDA, Yuzo SUZUKI, Hitoshi HONDA, Azuma FURUSE and Primitivo C. CAL 375
Developing Performance Indicators for Road Development in Indonesia Harun Al-Rasyid Sorah LUBIS, Ade SJAFRUDDIN, Rudy Hermawan KARSAMAN, Henry ARMIJAYA and Ari Sarif MUNANDAR 389
Impacts Evaluation of Urban Transportation Policy with Environmental Consideration Chih-Peng CHU 405
A Study on the Safety Controls of Gravel Trucks in Taiwan Wensheng CHOU 421
An Approach to National Transport Planning in Vietnam Thi Phin DOAN and Shizuo IWATA 431
Evaluation of a Left Turn Prohibition Policy in Urban Signalized Intersection Under Dynamic Traffic Flow Jum San KIM, Chang Ho PARK and Sung Mo RHEE 447
Optimizing Model Development Applied to the Bus System of Hanoi City M.E. Trinh Thuy ANH and Okitsugu FUJIWARA 463
Effects of Road Pricing Systems on Acceptability Sittha JAENSIRISAK, Anthony D. MAY and Mark R. WARDMAN 475
Accessibility of Public Transport Networks for Disabled People in Bangkok Viroat SRISURAPANON and Anucha NILSRIPHAIWAN 491
Financing Mass Transit Systems, The Jakarta's Case Iskandar ABUBAKAR 505
ITS Development Direction in Korea Hyeon-Hong LEE, Sanghoon BAE, Kyung Soo CHON and Sigon KIM 517
Contraflow Freeway Operation for Hurricane Evacuation in the United States Brian WOLSHON 525

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