Announcement of the Beneficiaries (updated on 25.07.2005)

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Policy of Financial Support for Paper Presenters in EASTS Conferences

The financial support for paper presenters in EASTS conferences is based on the following guidelines:

  1. He/she should be a paper presenter in the EASTS conference.
  2. He/she needs to be registered as an EASTS regular member in any of the domestic societies of the following EASTS member countries: China, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. Students also need to apply as EASTS regular members in their respective domestic societies.
  3. Financial support is not applicable to paper presenters who are regular members of the domestic society of the country hosting the EASTS conference, those who are foreign students in Japan and those coming from developed countries.
  4. The following expenses directly related to the conference will be supported: discounted economy-class round-trip air fare between the country of the prospective fund beneficiary (he/she should be a regular member of the country's respective domestic society) and the country where the conference will be held, conference registration fee and cost of accommodation for 4 nights.
  5. The maximum number of fund beneficiaries with full financial support for each EASTS member country is limited to 10 persons.

Prof. Tetsuo YAI

Secretary General of the EASTS

Prof. Seiji IWAKURA

Head of invitation section of EASTS secretariat

Information on EASTS Fund Beneficiaries for EASTS '05 Conference

 The EASTS Secretariat will announce the beneficiaries of the EASTS fund for paper presenters (in terms of EASTS Regular Member ID Numbers) in accordance with the "Policy of Financial Support for Paper Presenters in EASTS Conferences" for the EASTS'05 Conference by July 1 July 11, 2005 on this page (see top of THIS page). Therefore, prospective fund beneficiaries need to have a new EASTS regular member ID and please apply for your ID to the domestic society of your country by June 17. Notification of selection of fund beneficiaries will be sent to the addresses which you reported to the International Scientific Committee.

 Prof. Seiji IWAKURA

Head of invitation section of EASTS secretariat