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Highlights of EASTS Board Meeting 2008
EASTS Board Meeting 2008
Date: August 11, 2008
Venue: Hotel Puteri Pan Pacific, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

-    Mongolian Transport Research Society (MTRS) was welcomed to be approved as new domestic society.

-    New journal will be published. It will contain the papers selected from both of the academic and practical papers of conference. Journal of EASTS and Proceedings of the EASTS will still continue to be published.

-    11 International Research Groups (IRG) are completed or continued to research since 2005. Two new applications for IRGs were approved. New two IRG are as follows; gPRivate Sector Initiatives for ProMoting Road Development in East-Asian Countries (PRIME Project)h organized by Prof. Danang Parikesit (Universitas Gadjah Mada), and gImproving a tour travel demand forecasting method for Asian countriesh organized by Prof. Yongtaek Lim (Chonnam National University).

-    Two applications for International Cooperative Research Activities (ICRA) were approved with some conditions. Two ICRA grants are as follows: gSustainable Neighborhood Transportation to Improve the Quality of Life in Developing Citiesh organized by Prof. Hisashi Kubota (Saitama University), and gInternational, Inter-regional, and City Logistics Research Group in Wide Variety of Asian Regionh organized by Prof. Tien-Fang Fwa (National University of Singapore).

-    Report of EASTS Domestic Society (2007-2008)

Agenda of the meeting was as follows;

1.Opening Remarks / Mr. Kyung Soo Chon, President
      - Introduction of New Board Members and the Proxies of the Board
2.Approval of the Minutes of Board Meeting 2007
3.New Special Committee/Mission
     1) Special Committee for Membership in China/ Mr. Derong Wang
     2) Special Mission to involve Cambodia and Myanmar/ Mr. Pichai Taneerananon, Chair
4.New Member Domestic Society
5.Conference Preparation Report  / Mr. Danang Parikesit, Chair of LOC
6.Report from ISC / Mr. Hitoshi Ieda, Chair of ISC
7.Treasurer's Report     / Mr. Naohisa Okamoto
8.Report of the Committees
   1) Financial Reconstruction Committee and Membership Committee/ Mr. Kyung Soo Chon, Chair
   2) Transportation Landmark Photo Contest Award Committee/ Mr. Wen Long Yue, Chair
   3) Outstanding Transportation Project Award Committee/ Mr. James Jixian Wang
   4) Best Domestic Society Award Committee/ Mr. Mohamed R. Karim, Chair
9.IRG and ICRA   / Mr. Tetsuo Yai, Secretary General of EASTS
   1) Report of IRG Activities
   2) New IRG Applications
   3) ICRA
10.Enrollment of Individual Members/ Mr. Yasunori Muromachi, EASTS Secretariat Office
   1) New Individual Member Application
   2) Membership Process toward the Next Conference
11.Report of Domestic Societies

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