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Call for Draft of EASTS 20th Anniversary Photo Book

Dear EASTS members,(23 Mar. 2015)

EASTS was founded in November 1994, then we had the successful 20th Anniversary International Symposium at Tokyo in November 2014 as the following website:http://www.easts.info/easts20thanniversary_rep.html

EASTS Board is also preparing to publish the "20th Anniversary Photo Book" to introduce the interesting transport projects of our member domestic societies. In this opportunity, EASTS Board decide to call for draft of EASTS 20th Anniversary Photo Book.

Purpose and outline of the book as follows:

1. Photo guidebook for introducing the transport projects in Eastern Asian regions in the past two decades for 20th Anniversary of EASTS.

2. Expected readers are transport experts as well as general tourists to disseminate the significance and impact on transport projects in our society.

3. Basically two photos in the same place (and expected same view) show before and after one completed transport project during last 20 years (1994 to 2014) for contrasting between them, then book readers can visually understand the impact on the transport projects. However, one photo is also welcomed.

4. One project has the spread page: Left hand page is two photos and right hand page is the outline of selected project about 300 to 400 words to explain the planning process, successful factors, lessons learned, etc.

Please find two examples of Taiwan and New Zealand.
We open the call for draft of EASTS 20th Anniversary Photo Book from today to all EASTS members.

Deadline: 6 April 2015, Monday
Submit to: hanaoka@ide.titech.ac.jp

We cordially welcome your submission!

Sincerely yours,
Shinya Hanaoka

Department for International Affairs, EASTS Secretariat Office

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