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Annuncement of book publication from IRG-01

Transport Development in Asian megacities: A New Perspective

On 11 October, 2012.

Dear all

We are happy to forward the announcement of book publication from "EASTS International Research Group (IRG) -01" as below. We would like to congratulate all of this IRG team members for such an outstanding research accomplishment.

EASTS secretariat office


Dear all,

We are pleased to announced that the result of research study under EASTS IRG-1 (STREAM Study) has been published as a book, titled gTransport Development in Asian Megacities: A New Perspectiveh. The book is an edited volume published by Springer-Verlag. Book chapters are contributed by IRG members. The IRG research was conducted jointly by a team of academics and experts from Asian megacities. The research activities were supported by the Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Japan.

This book adopts a basic premise that the special context of Asian megacities has produced unique set of challenges and opportunities for managing urban mobility, which would naturally call for a new perspective in designing strategies and policy measures. The research filtered the cases of individual megacities through relevant theoretical frameworks and thereby generated practical insights. This research has made several policy recommendations relevant for developing megacities, and we are pleased to note that the perspective and recommendations presented in the book have been received well by academics, experts and policy makers.

We believe the contents of the book would be useful for both academics and practitioners and contribute to effectively address critical issues of urban transport particularly in developing Asian countries.

On behalf of STREAM team, we would like to express our sincerer gratitude to EASTS (including IRG secretariat) for providing us such an important research platform that made it possible to forge a lasting collaboration and partnership among leading academics and experts from the region. We are also thankful to EASTS ISC for providing conference slots for special sessions on the STREAM study. We look forward to continuously getting involved in IRG in future.

Further detail on the book is available from the publisherfs web at


We would appreciate your kind review and feedbacks on the book contents, and also your valuable support in disseminating the book information among the relevant professional groups.

With best regards,

Shigeru Morichi, Dr. Eng. (editor/author; IRG Chairman)
Senior Professor and Director of Policy Research Center
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo

Surya Raj Acharya, PhD (editor/author)
Senior Research fellow
Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Tokyo

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